Monday, December 9, 2013

What would you do if?

You are arrested in the third world for no good reason. You thought you were obeying the rules out there. But you didn't do little more research about what was legal and what wasn't before you traveled to third world destination. You might have found out that many of these shit holes share one law in common: A law that makes it illegal to look like you have money! I have read funny survival tips in that situation. I'll put them here just for the sake of fun.
Step1: get used to eating rodents and insects because they'll be running around everywhere. and they taste better and more nutritious than the shit they feed you. Step2: Convert! yes start believing whatever religion they believe in. Everyone loves a convict that turned to God, as long as it's their God. Step3: Try to avoid drinking water! Until it dries up, Okay there is an alternative way I don't want to mention it here. Step4: Don't get @#*ed, you don't want to get @#*ed in the ass by a prisoner. Sure, it may hurt less in Bangkok than in Pelican Bay, but the chances of getting AIDS are moderately higher. Step 5: Bribe! The good thing about corrupt system is that it's corrupt. They may put you away for twenty years for stealing a pack of gum, but they also might take $50 to let you go on homicide charge. Pay up and get out! After all, I think these steps are going to fail. You are in real trouble. 

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